This less common but efficient roofing style offers many of the same benefits that asphalt roofing does (as the materials are similar) but can be applied to (almost) flat surfaces and furthered can be topped with a vary of stones or other materials that allow drainage. When you have a flat roof home or a section of home that has a flat roof the options for roofing solutions may seem more limited. This is however not entirely true and our team would be happy to inform you of the numerous choices available.

Our suppliers have some excellent product information on their sites:


Flat roofing should last at least 15 years if installed by trained professionals like our team.


EuroShied® Rubber roofing is manufactured out of recycled tires and offers an environmentally and economic roofing option that will never crack and is hail resistant. This residential roofing product comes in a wide variety of style and can not only add value but curb appeal to your property. You can find a bevy of information on the EUROSHIELD® Roofing website.

If hail is a concern for you this may be just the product you need. EUROSHIELD® Roofing can last from 25-45 years.

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Though less common these days a shake style roof is very often the signature of truly elegant home design. As with Asphalt roofing we at Professional Roofing and Exteriors offer both repair and re-roof services. There are many options when it comes to shakes from the more common wood to the less common metal and vinyl varieties.

Our team would be happy to help you pick just the right style and material to fit your roofing budget and needs. Shake roofing depending on the style and material will typically last between 10-25 years.


While heavier than many of the other roofing options boast a truly long term solution and great curb appeal. This extremely durable and easy to maintain roofing product are also considered to be more environmentally friendly due to the products they are made of and how long they last. They tend to both retain their color and improve a home’s energy efficiency. In addition tile roofing is generally more combustible by comparison to other residential roofing products. Interested in learning more? 

Please feel free to visit our contact section to setup a free quote or to receive more information on available residential tile roofing products. Tile roofing can often last 50-60 years.


When you think strong and durable, then metal roofing solutions are probably on the top of your list. Better than that the last few years have also lead to this type of residential roofing being one of the most esthetically pleasing as well. There are many choices when it comes to style and material in residential roofing but the main three we offer are:

Decra / Metro Stone Coated Steel

Stone coated steel roofing systems are low maintenance and offer extended protection for residential roofing systems. This unique roofing system offers the strength of steel and the durability of stone. Many options can be found on our suppliers website.

Standing Seam (VERSAFRAME)

Is the curb appeal of your home paramount to your investment then standing seam panel residential roofing may be the ideal choice to protect your home from the elements. It is available in several different mental gauges and a wide variety of colours. Product details are available from our supplier VersaFrame or you can contact our team today to learn more.


Available in a wide variety of colors this versatile and durable roofing solution is quick looks great while being low maintenance. Ribbed roofing offers a unique look popular for agricultural applications.

Residential Roofing

As an Albertan you are no doubt aware of how rapidly changing and extreme our local weather can be and with you home likely being the largest investment of your life it only makes sense to protect it. That’s where the homework comes in as many Albertans are not aware of the numerous choices available to them when it comes to residential roofing and waterproofing. Let Professional Roofing and Exteriors do the legwork for you and present you with the best suited options to your home style and area. PRAEI provides the follow residential roofing solutions to the Calgary area, Strathmore and surrounding areas:

Asphalt Residential Roofing

One of the most common and affordable roofing solutions Asphalt shingles were the launching point of our business. From the simplest cottage style home to a tutor style with many peaks and valleys our team will ensure a quality residential roofing solution EVERY time. You can trust in our competitive pricing and Workmanship Warranty whether you are looking for a repair or complete re-roofing.

Asphalt Shingles are a great choice for your home if you are looking for a lighter roofing product that is still very durable and long lasting. Depending on the product selected asphalt shingles last about 30 years on average.

This excellent graphic we have borrowed from IKO that shows a breakdown of what Asphalt shingles are made of.

Interested in learning more about Asphalt roofing or about the suppliers whose product we use? Below are links to our Asphalt Residential Roofing suppliers: