Emergency Leaks/Repairs

Worst case scenarios are a reality for many property owners but we can help reduce the burden of that stress with expedient and quality repair work.


Flashing can add durability as well and improve the curb appeal of your property but like the other items on this page can also cause headaches when improperly installed or damaged by extreme weather. We have the tools and experience to expertly repair or replace many types of flashing based on your needs. 


An average modern home recirculates its entire air volume in about 1.5 hours which is important for health and wellbeing. PRAEI can help ensure your home is correctly ventilated from OCRs to ceiling fans

Skylight – Sun Tunnels

While beautiful additions to many residential and commercial properties Skylights and Sun Tunnels can also be a source of common issues such as leaks and glass repair. Our team can assist you in both  remediating damage and ensuring your skylights are well sealed and reliable.


The added warmth and esthetic appeal of a well-crafted chimney is a welcome addition to any home or establishment but they can also pose issues when they are not cleaned or sealed properly. If you have an issue with your chimney we can help.

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Searching for a Maintenance Provider?

Search no further.


Since the dawn of construction pests have always posed issues to some dwellings. Let out team at Professional Roofing and Exteriors assist you with your cricket issues.

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Trouble Shooting & Roofing Repair

When things go sideways you need an experience contractor you can trust to repair and protect your investment. Our team at Professional Roofing & Exteriors Inc. is just a phone call or click away from helping you sort out your Roofing or Exterior issues. Large or small we can have someone out to provide your FREE estimate or perform a complete inspection quickly. Some common trouble spots that we often assist with are:


At Professional Roofing & Exteriors we not only offer reactive solutions in the form of exterior and roofing repair and replacement but also offer proactive maintenance. Get the most out of your investments by protecting them with regular maintenance performed by industry professionals.